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Admission policies and responding to abuses

Those wishing to submit abuse is worth considering:

  • The Company VPS Hosting is subject to the laws of the Republic of Latvia and regulations of the European Union, ratified by Latvia.
  • We are not a court or prosecutor's office and do not interfere in the rights holders are not well-founded complaints or any other parties who may have suffered in the knowledge or the knowledge of our clients.
  • If you do not have sufficient authority in any country, then all your correspondence will be accepted as spam messages.
  • If you think that you stole something, or someone you astray follow the established in your country legally and do not try to involve a third party to your dispute.
  • No judgment, we do not provide any data about our customers or any party.
  • All attempts to involve us in any dispute will be stopped by lawsuits and criminal prosecuted.
  • None of the parties (natural or legal person) can not be held guilty until his guilt is proved by the court.

Сlients and potential clients:

  • We provide legal assistance in the framework of cooperation.
  • We do not react to unfounded claims of third parties.
  • We do not require the closure of which - or if you have not violated the public offer and restrictions listed on the site.
  • We do not delve into arguments of the parties and not try to figure out which of the parties is right and who is not.
  • We are not bound by oath to report about our customers to anyone, and will accept the public offer in terms of responsibility not to disclose any client information, or what - either side referring to the law of the Republic of Latvia on trade secrets.
  • All attempts to involve us in any - any dispute will be stopped by lawsuits and criminal prosecuted (this also applies to customers).
  • We guarantee 100% anonymity for clients under the laws of the Republic of Latvia.
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