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When you make a payment for long periods of time, you automatically get a discount: 3 month - 5%
6 month - 10%
12 month - 15%

VPN service

We propose our clients an access to the Internet through the VPN connection using our addresses located in Latvia..

The reason why it is more beneficial to choose the VPN

  • Creating the VPN tunnel (ciphering and deciphering of traffic) requires many resources, and the more high-level ciphering you have, the more resources it requires.
    Processors that are used on VPS/VDS are not optimized for a work with ciphering and aren’t able to process a big stream of ciphering on a sufficient level.
  • Choosing the VPN connection there is no need to set up any server’s part.

Table of rates

Rate Guaranteed speed of channel Cost per month  
VPN 1.5 Mbps 8.4 EUR / 546.27 RUB / 9.06 USD
VPN 3 Mbps 11.7 EUR / 760.88 RUB / 12.62 USD
VPN 6 Mbps 20 EUR / 1,300.64 RUB / 21.57 USD
VPN 10 Mbps 35 EUR / 2,276.13 RUB / 37.74 USD
VPN 20 Mbps 65 EUR / 4,227.09 RUB / 70.09 USD
 * - Approximate price, main currency is EUR.

General settings

Supported types PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
Traffic No limit
Time of connection No limit
Allowed protocols No limit

Limitations when using the VPN

It is not allowed to use the VPN service for:

  • Hacking and blocking the functioning of any Internet hubs
  • Hacking and blocking the functioning of “VPS Hosting” company’s servers or company’s clients’ servers.
  • Sending spam messages.
  • Transporting parasitical traffic.
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