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When you make a payment for long periods of time, you automatically get a discount: 3 month - 5%
6 month - 10%
12 month - 15%

VPS, VDS - virtual server

Take a virtual server (VPS, VDS) - a technology in use is one physical server is divided into several independent virtual servers. This division has several advantages in the division, each server has its own resources, root access, as well as private access to the server and the ability to configure and install software that will fully satisfy all the wishes and needs. It is recommended for a large number of sites (10-40), a sufficiently high load, attendance (all depends on the site engine, code quality, the number of statics / dynamics, the size of the database and the database structure) from 1000-40000 per day.

  Total capacity CPU Cores:
  * - Approximate price, main currency is EUR.
Your VPS config
IP V4:    


Traffic Unlimited
Server Port 1Gbit/s
MySQL database qty Unlimited
Email qty Unlimited
NS qty Unlimited
Use own NS Yes
Сontrol panel ISPmanager 5
The control panel of the VPS VMmanager
Images are available for system installation on the server Centos, Debian
Ability to install your software Yes
SSH access Yes

Additional services

  Quantity Maximum Price
Server administration     10.00 EUR/h
IP address 1 5 5.00 EUR/month

Terms and restrictions on traffic

Vps connection speed to 1 Gbp/s. In price included 10 Mbp/s guaranteed channel to GIX. Available volume of traffic at the maximum available speed - 10 TB/months. After reaching speed limit,speed is limited to 10 Mps/s. Increasing the channel every 10 Mbp/s, to end of months cost 12€

Restrictions on Use

Servers are not allowed to:

  • Placement of viruses or any malicious software.
  • Placement of the botnet controllers.
  • Breaking or blocking of any server on the Internet.
  • Breaking or blocking of servers SIA "VPS Hosting" or its clients.
  • Send spam messages.
  • Create a proxy for the transportation parasitic traffic.
  • Calls for the overthrow of the government or to place such calls.
  • Placement of child porn.
  • Advertising goods knowingly false character (Pharma), phishing
  • Placing racist or nationalist or information as infringing certain nations.
  • Allocation of resources, information, or commit acts with the help of resources provided to the customer action against, bypassing, in violation of laws or regulations of the Latvia Republic or Euro commission.

When violations, depending on their severity, frequency and number of violations of their preparation, and server resources can be blocked without the restoration of the work(removed).

  • SIA "VPS Hosting" do not accept any responsibility or liability for the placed information on the resources provided to clients.
  • Not parties to the dispute which have a claim to the owners of resources or the capacity of affected parties.
  • Has the right not to respond to not reasonable requests and correspondence.
  • Adheres to a neutral party in any dispute.
  • If a party or have a complaint it should express their only legally prescribed form in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia and the laws in force in the Republic of Latvia.
  • Any attempt to not reasonably discredit the name SIA "VPS Hosting", including engaging in a debate or as a third party will be prosecuted Republic of Latvia and the rules and regulations adopted by the European Union.
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