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WEB Control Panels

The VPS Hosting Company offers a license to the control panel as a WEB server located on the site Core-VPS.
(All special offers on the control panel apply only to the company's servers VPS Hosting).

Name ISPmanager 5 Lite ISPmanager Business
Use of the product WEB hosting management
Licenses issued for to the IP address
License variations Test (2 weeks), 1 Month, Lifetime
Manages software Bind, Apache, Nginx, Php, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sendmail, Exim, Postfix, CommunigatePro, SquirellMail, Dovecot, ProFTPD, vsftpd, FastCGI, Perl, Iptables (firewall)
Short description Positioned as a product developer for private use makes it possible to cut down functionality. Ideal to keep your sites, perform routine operations on the config file, mail, web sites. Positioned by product developer as panel for the full providing of hosting services and advanced functionality in case of personal use to support their projects and manage the server.
Product support Without the support
Price "Test 2 weeks" 0.00 EUR (Бесплатно) 0.00 EUR (Бесплатно)
Price for 1 month 3.30 EUR 6.05 EUR

Restrictions on Use

The following restrictions on the control panel products:
  • During the performance of panels SIA "VPS Hosting" shall not be liable.
  • All complaints and suggestions, you can bring only to their manufacturer.
  • Setting up, configuration based on payments at the rate of 10,00 EURO / hour of system administrator work.
  • Install the control panel is made by the user. To do this, refer to the instructions given by the control panel manufacturer.
  • The ISPsystems company products is a limit to change IP addresses of the license. Not more than once in a calendar month.
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