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When you make a payment for long periods of time, you automatically get a discount: 3 month - 5%
6 month - 10%
12 month - 15%


DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service.

  • At the current moment we don’t offer any complex solutions
  • We can help our clients with certain types of attacks.
  • The price of searching the brittleness and the remedial work depends on work’s complexity and time expended (that kind of services may be partly offered within the limits of the service support).
  • If the DDoS attack becomes uncontrollable, the client’s IP address becomes inaccessible (min. 24 hours).
  • Single DDoS attacks may be accepted as a norm.

If a client’s IP address is blocked because of repetitive attacks, the price of unblocking is 10 € (for each unblocking). The unblocking can be provided only after the full payment received.

  • DDoS filtering service can be purchased from an off-site service provider, but your servers still can take places at our hosting.
  • Based upon last year’s statistics, the typical DDoS attack that may cause your IP address inaccessibility is 3 to 10 Gbps, that’s why choosing DDoS protection service we recommend to make sure that a service provider can offer filtering service on equal level.
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